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  • Do not rub or hit jewelry with hard objects in order to avoid causing scratches and cracks.
  • You should place each item of jewelry into a separate box when you are not wearing them. Do not pile them up. This will avoid having them to collide with one another.
  • Avoid contact with cosmetics for a substantial period of time. This is because mercury and essences contained in cosmetics have a corrosive effect on jewelry.
  • Avoid contact with acids and alkaline. Remove your jewelry before taking a shower, washing your hands, or swimming. This is because chlorine and alkaline in the water will have a corrosive effect on jewelry.
  • Carry a small jewelry bag with you at all times. You can place your jewelry in the bag when you wash your hands. This habit can greatly reduce the chances of misplacing your jewelry items.
  • Pay close attention to the sequence of wearing of jewelry. You should place the jewelry on after you put on your clothes. This can help prevent your jewelry or ring being hooked onto your clothing or bags.

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